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ICOM New Zealand Conference 2014 – Call for Papers

Masque_kavak__Baining__Nouvelle-Bretagne,_Papouasie_Nouvelle-Guinée__Museum_La_Rochelle_fCall for papers: Pacific Connections – ICOM NZ 2014 Conference

 The 2014 ICOM New Zealand conference will be held on 22-23 September at Auckland Museum. This two-day gathering for museum professionals, students, academics, artists and others interested in museums and their role in society in Aotearoa New Zealand will be focused on questions relating to the relevance and work of our museums in relation to the Pacific.




To this end, we are calling for proposals for presentations on the following topics:

  • How Pacific collections are built, maintained, made accessible, and linked to source communities
  • Research using Pacific collections
  • Interconnections between Pacific and Māori research
  • Activities designed to engage Pacific communities and nations with museum collections
  • Linking Pacific perspectives into other areas of research

Presentations will be 20 minutes long, with 10 minutes for facilitated questions. We are seeking presentations that will help attendees understand the state of research and provoke discussion.

If you are new to conference presenting, we can provide you with some support in the lead-up to the event. Please indicate if you would appreciate this support in the form below.

Applications close on 31 May and speakers will be advised by 16 June.

A draft programme will be released by 30 June and registration for the conference will open in July. At this point, we estimate a conference fee (for the two days, including morning and afternoon tea and lunch) of approximately $300, with a discount for ICOM members.

An additional excursion day may be planned for the 24th of September. If so, registration and payment will be separate to the main conference.


Please download the following form Abstract Submission 2014 and send to Kate Adolf Kate.Adolph@tepapa.govt.nz, who is also able to take questions regarding this call for papers.


Image: Kavat mask, Papua New Guinea, New Britain, Gazelle Peninsula, Baining people, bark cloth, bamboo and pigment (Muséum d’Histoire naturelle de La Rochelle 2012).

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International Museum Day 2014

IMD14International Museum Day 2014 (IMD14) will be upon us in just a few weeks. The museum community has chosen the theme “Museum collections make connections” for 2014 celebrations of International Museum Day. It’s a great way to promote the importance of museums in New Zealand, as well as providing an opportunities to give your visitors something special. If you’re looking for inspiration to get you started, here are few ideas to get you started.

  • Use your website or Facebook to run a series of short features from staff (or invited guests) on items from the collection they connect with, and join these up as a Museums Day celebration (e.g. http://dowse.org.nz/about/collection/smisek_yunomi/)
  • Use Facebook or Twitter (or your favourite social media platform) to ask people what their favourite / most memorable collection item is (especially good if your collection is digitised)
  • Use post-it notes or postcards etc to ask the same question onsite, and display the responses
  • Offer a behind-the-scenes collection tour on 18 May
  • Have your director, board chair or someone special to the organisation write a short piece on your museum’s collections creating connections, to publish online
  • Delight your visitors
  • Offer a lollipop, ballon for kids, or other cheap treat to every visitor on 18 May to celebrate International Museums Day
  • Offer discounted or free entry to a paid event/exhibition on 18 May
  • Invite visitors to enter a draw with a special prize running just on 18 May. Remember to give them the option of signing up to your newsletter when you collect contact details.
  • Delight your staff
  • Shout people working on 18 May morning tea for Museums Day.
  • Media opportunities
  • Got a great story about how museum collections create connections? Talk to your local paper or radio station about covering this for International Museums Day.

Find out more, and download a press back at the IMD14 website http://network.icom.museum/international-museum-day/news/detail/article/discover-the-theme-and-poster-for-international-museum-day-2014/

We need your help!

We are collecting information about how you are celebrating IMD14. Your activities will go into an international database at the Secretariat in Paris and be shared with other institutions around the world. We will include links to your activities and images, if you have them. Please fill out the form below.



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pozadina_7The National Bank of Serbia and the International Committee of Money and Banking Museums have announced an extension for applying to the participation in the Exhibition entitled “Educate to Win” that will take place during the XXI ICOMON Meeting, 1-4 July, Belgrade.  The new deadline is 11 April 2014.

For the Registration forms Invitation Call for Papers and the Call for a Joint Exhibition please visit the official Conference website:

http://www.icomonconference.nbs.rs/org.html or http://network.icom.museum/icomon/conferences/current-conference/
Participants are kindly asked to fill in the Registration Form and make the payment by no later than the end of May.

All applications to be forwarded to our colleague Vesna Kovac:

Vesna Kovač, Head of Unit
Governor’s Office / Communications Division
Exhibition and Education Unit – Visitor Centre
Kralja Petra 12 / 104130 Belgrade / Serbia
Tel.: + 381 11 302 7318 / Fax: + 381 11 328 2285
vesna.kovac@nbs.rs / www.nbs.rs

With best regards
Eleni Zapiti
ICOMON Secretary

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Keep up to date with the latest in the 3D printing industry

3D printing logoThe 3D printing industry is rapidly becoming mainstream, offering real potential to New Zealand’s museums. Keep up to date on the latest developments with this website. You can also subscribe to daily or weekly updates by contacting them at this link.

RoyboyIn their most recent news, an open source and 3D printed humanoid robot named “Roboy” celebrated his 1st birthday at Cebit 2014. What’s interesting about Roboy is that it’s modeled after the human muscle system, so it uses springs instead of motors. They provide a link the video from the Swiss firm Mobilegeeks where they interview one of the robot’s creators.

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ICME publishes new book – Museums and Truth‏

Museums and Truth CoverThe International Committee for Museums of Ethnography (ICME) an international committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) is proud to announce a new book, Museums and Truth.

Museums and Truth
Editor(s):Annette B. Fromm, Viv Golding, Per B. Rekdal

Contributors: Mario Buletic, Annette B. Fromm, Ann Siri Hegseth Garberg, Dr Viv Golding, Klas Grinell, Marie-Paule Jungblut, More…

Museums are usually seen as arenas for the authorised presentations of reality, based on serious, professional knowledge. Yet, in spite of the impossibility of giving anything but a highly abstract and extremely selective impression in an exhibition, very few museums problematize this or discuss their priorities with their public. They don’t ask “what are the other truths of the matter?” Though the essays in this collection are not written with museums and truth as their explicit subject, they highlight contested truths, the absence of the truth of the underprivileged, whether one truth is more worthy than the other, and whether lesser truths can dilute the value of greater truths. One of the articles included here lets youngsters choose which truth is most probable or just, while another talks about an exhibition where the public must choose which truth to adhere to before entering. One shows how a political change gives a new opportunity to finally restore valuable truths of the past to the present, and another describes the highly dangerous task of making museums and memorials for the truths of the oppressed. Lastly, one explores whether we live in a period where the sources for authorized truths are fragmented and questioned, and asks, what should the consequences for museums be?

Museums and Truth
Table of Contents:
Foreword – Annette B. Fromm
Preface – Viv Golding

Introduction – Per B. Rekdal

Part One: Truths, Faiths and Realities
Chapter One – Museums and Truths: The Elephant in the Room – Viv Golding

Part Two: Museums and ‘Difficult’ Heritage
Chapter Two – Peace is Never Neutral -
Per B. Rekdal

Chapter Three – Concepts of Remembrance and Commemoration – Bäerbel Kerkhoff Hader

Chapter Four – Proposing a Museum of Memory: Reparations and the Maya Achí
Genocide in Guatemala – Heidi McKinnon

Chapter Five – Towards which Reconciliation? Musealogical Approaches in the Istrian
Region – Mario Buletic

Chapter Six – Black Holes of Memory: Defining a Norwegian Museum of Human
Rights – Leiv Sem
Part Three: Coping with Old Realities in New Settings
Chapter Seven – Framing Religious World Views in Museum Presentations – Anette Rein

Chapter Eight – Murder and Manslaughter: An Exhibition about Life – Marie-Paul Jungblut and Simon Schweizer

Chapter Nine – Minda, the Girl in the Pharmacy: An Educational Program on Sexual
Assault – Ann Siri Hegseth Garberg

Part Four: Emerging Postnormality in Museums?
Chapter Ten – Challenging Normality: Museums In/As Public Space – Klas Grinell

ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-5449-8
ISBN-10: 1-4438-5449-2
Date of Publication: 01/02/2014
Price: £44.99


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New Fee Structure for ICOM New Zealand

The ICOM Secretariat has upgraded New Zealand’s status from a Category 2 country (based on our GDP) to a Category 1. This means, unavoidably, an increase in fees for New Zealanders. Starting with all new memberships, and renewals as of 1 January 2015, the fees will be as follows:

Fee structure 2014

Please let us know if there’s any aspect of this you need to discuss.

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SAVE THE DATE – ICOM New Zealand Conference in Auckland 22-23 September 2014

Auckland_War_Memorial_Museum_rectThis year, Auckland Museum have generously offered to host the 2014 ICOM New Zealand conference, on the 22nd and 23rd of September. The theme of the conference will focus on Research in the Pacific, however within this, a number of sub-themes will be explored.

Hans-Martin HinzWe are also fortunate to have as our keynote speaker Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz, President of ICOM. We will post a call for papers, conference registration and a full schedule very shortly. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.







In the meantime, you can help us by telling us whether you would like to go on a one-day post-conference tour on the 24th of September, and if so what you would like to see. To respond, just fill out the poll below.


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