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Inaugural Conference 25 & 26 October 2013, Toitū Otago Settlers Museum




ICOM New Zealand is pleased to announce its inaugural annual conference and annual general meeting, hosted by Toitū Otago Settlers Museum on the 25th and 26th of October 2013. We are excited to be holding a joint event in association with the 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress, hosted by Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

The joint event comes at the end of the BGCI conference, and forms the start of the ICOM Conference. For those in ICOM and those in BGCI this jointly convened programme provides the members of both organisations to communicate with one another, explore common ground and to think laterally about their own practice as the guardians and interpreters of heritage.


Download the registration form here Registration Form 2013

Download the full updated programme here ICOM NZ Conference 2013 Programme FINAL

Professor Simon KnellHighlights to the event include:

A keynote speech by Professor of Museum Studies, Simon Knell, of the University of Leicester, an engaging speaker with a broad knowledge of natural and cultural heritage.

He will be speaking on “Object Lessons: Museums, Objects, Collections.”: Thinking Outside the Box: Considering How Museums, Objects and Collections Change ICOM NZ, Dunedin Definitions, like ICOM’s of the ‘museum’, are operational necessities for working professionals who have proven themselves so central to the success of these institutions. Of course, these days, those who study museums are not constrained by such definitions – which they understand as artefacts of professionalism. Indeed, they might argue that museums are better understood as media organisations with a political voice, as creative foci in socialised worlds, and as anthropological objects whose meaning is held in constant negotiation by various individuals and groups. As museums once again face up to the rationalisation of collections, I want to argue that if we dispense with universalising and homogenizing notions and value the unique aspects of context, purpose and need, then perhaps museums and collections – whatever they are or become – can better adapt to change. I will do so by exploring some examples from around the world.

A joint lunch, for networking and general discussion between members of ICOM and BGCI.

A visit to the Chinese Gardens in Dunedin


On the 26th, ICOM will hold its Annual General Meeting, and hold workshops and presentations for its members.


National Services Te Paerangi is pleased to support the ICOM NZ conference by offering travel subsidies to staff and volunteers working in museum sector organisations.  For grant criteria and application forms please click this link.

We look forward to seeing you there.

This conference was produced in partnership with National Services Te Paerangi , Te Papa. Additional support was provided by  Museums Aotearoa.

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